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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  March 7, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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>> in the 1990s, she was in philadelphia with other first ladies and former president for the submit summit for america. in 2000, nancy reagan joined george and bash bra bush and gerald and betty forward at the convention in philadelphia. in 2004 her husband scapple to suck come to his terrible disease. in a in a man the ship and bring her a live. >> later in 2004 she helped dedicate a ship named for her husband. and in may, 2005, nancy reagan was honored at a special banquet in the white house. she was lives out her remaining years in california. she was recommend today at the church where she and former president ronald reagan had attended many years. >> we join the rest of the nation in our prayers not only for her family but also for thanks for the life she lived so well. >> president obama and first
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lady released a statement in part saying they are thankful forb her guidance and prayerful that she and her husband are together again. reactions came from the campaign trail including democratic candidate hillary clinton who with bill clinton called reagan a gracious first lady. proud motherth devoted wife. >> well, mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan library arrangements are still being planned. democratic presidential debate began in plint michigan began with a moment of silence for nancy reagan. ongoing water crisis in that city. >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sander and hillary clinton addressed the cities water crisis. >> what is going on is a disgrace beyond believe belief. >> reporter: cap waters after
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switched water supply. investigators revealed state leads new about the problem but failed to do anything about it. both candidates called for the governor to resign. people should be held accountable where ever that leads into. >> reporter: before voters head to the poles for michigan's democratic primary. the 2009 bail out of the auto industry. into in a i voted to save the auto industry he voted against. the. >> if you are talking about the wall street bail out where some of your friends destroyed this economy, excuse me i'm talking into. >> reporter: clinton holds a major delegate advantage and league in poles. for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> on the republican side marco
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rubio won puerto rico today. he's trailing cruz and donald trump. he must win home state of florida if there's any way for him to pass nomination. stay with eyewitness news for complete coverage of campaign 2016 when we're not on the air on television you can always get the latest on our website very good news for former president jimmy carter the none year old no longer needs cancer treatment. he made the announcement this morning during sunday school class he teaches. he was declared cancer free back in december. now, he had an aggressive form of melanoma that spread to his liver and brain. turning now to weather looks like a huge warm up in our future. lauren casey is in the weather center to night. what's the timing of the rising temperatures. get started tomorrow.
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jump up significantly over the next several days after a cool weekend high temperatures running at or below average. 47 degrees today in philadelphia for our sunday. about two degrees shy of average high temperature mid 40s in lehigh valley mid shirts in poconos. chilly temperatures in part the had of the shore 43 degrees. high temperature in wildwood. temperatures right now getting chill 35 degrees in filled. 27 degrees shore. 27 poconos. winds are light to kale. they will say that way throughout overnight. not a wind chill as we wake up monday morning. we are going to start warming trend. morning temperatures are going to sore into the afternoon then really start to sore as we head into midweek with record warmth in store and potentially two days get close to record warm and cooler by weekends. we'll talk about however they will tell me bell. a weather transition second half coming up in a couple minutes. >> all right a. lauren, we'll see you soon thank
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you. a woman is killed another man injured in two separate attacks in north philadelphia this evening a man hunter the currently under way. now police say the suspect in both of these crimes has the same description. eyewitness news reporter greg argos is live at temple university hospital tonight. that's where one of the victims is recovering. greg. >> reporter: that is right. one victim is he here at temple university hospital. he is in extremely critical condition after being shot three times by a suspect. a man police say they may also be responsible for another earlier deadly shooting. investigators say it all began when the church's chicken employee was cleaning tables. >> he was doing his job but the guy kept saying, you know you can't be doing this spraying. i got to eat i got to eat. but the guy. >> reporter: keith parker who said he witnessed the entire thing says that suspect. >> gray period five seven, black
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trench coat black pans may be in a 2008kia. >> reporter: stormed out and returned second later with a gun. >> older guy comes right back in what he did bam, i mean my ears messed upright now bam bam bam police arrived on location. he was admitted in very very critical condition. >> reporter: as crime scene detective investigate the suspect here may be involved in another shooting. one that left a woman dead minutes before this won. >> description for this shooting matches dent particularly the shooting that occurred 35 minutes earlier on the 25 hundred block 17th street. >> reporter: police say they are unsure whether the manning left on foot. >> we seen the guy walking southbound on broad street. >> reporter: in the kia. >> may be operating a 2008 navy blue kia. >> reporter: they want whoever is responsible for either shooting. >> it was crazy. >> reporter: in custody quickly. >> if you see this guy just call
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the police. >> reporter: once again police have not linked the suspect so both shootings as you just heard from the captain 3 with philadelphia police does describe the suspect both of these incidents as identical. live here north fill i'm greg argos eyewitness news. >> all right. greg. thank you very much. also tonight police are searching are a suspect wanted for a string of robberies at 7-eleven in camden county. since early february the robber has hit stores in mount what was program, belmawr, gloucester township and magnolia. the robbery at this store inning magnolia is the last of the four that occurred. the suspect struck here on super bowl sunday about 11:15 am. armed with a box cutter. suspected jumps over the count. if you have any information please contact police right away. accident in west philly send three officers and another driver to the hospital. police say the 58 year old driver of an suv was under the
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influences when he slammed into a police wagon at 52nd and chestnut. happened about 4:30 this morning. impact of the crash caused wagon to hit another police car. all of the injuries are said to be minor. the driver will be charged with dui and related offenses. tonight we are also remembering fallen heros. on february 23rd, 19n fire ripped through a center city office building killing three firefighters. as eyewitness news reporter anita oh reports now 25 years later a new memorial hangs in a place of honor. >> how do we honor them after they are gone ism e that question still being an d 25 years after one of philadelphia's biggest infernos broke out at meridian office in center city. >> they realized three of our members still missing. a herculean effort by the fire department trying to locate these three firefighters:
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firefighters never made it out. this memorial across from city hall is the only remnant of meridian plaza. a reminder of the three firefighter who lost their lives battle blink that blaze. now firefighters have another way to honor their fallen brothers. on sunday firefighters unveiled memorial that will hang inside engine koa 11 on south street. a reminder of three here's and a fire that raged on for 19 hours. officials say major electrical failures and in correctly set pressure levels in the building made combat ding the names nearly impossible. >> sprinklers in bs now that weren't there before so, no i didn't know them their legacy moves on. >> reporter: those here hope the legacy will continue for generations of firefighters after them who can be inspired by the rare courage it takes to sacrifice safety in the service safety of others.
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anita o cbs3 eyewitness news. >> many gather to there i wish workers building pennsylvania's first railroad. walt hunter was there jim kenny marking five years since the duffy cut memorial was built in malvern. they honor 57 i wish workers who died in 1832 bodies tossed in a pit and their deaths kept secret for nearly 180 years. after 18 seasons in nfl peyton manning calling it a career. denver broncos announce he will retire. no official news conference announced y five time mvp is the only quarterback to win super bowls with two teams. also holds records for most career touch town bases and passing yards as well. stay with us, everyone. still to come on eyewitness news figure skaters from all over the area put skills to the test t find out who won today diagnosis
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big 68 off. we're going to take off a warming trend starting tomorrow reaching up to the middle 70s. when to expected that record warmth in the full forecast coming up. philadelphia union kickoff their season in dallas. leslie van arsdale has those i lights and the rest of the day in sports coming up.
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>> there's a new top dog or should i say a top rabbits at the box office. >> i am doing. >> fine? >> well. >> there was a box office stampede to see the new disney movie you tope pea yay. it set a record. easily passed frozen. biggest three day debut.
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coming in distance second long den as fallen. last week number one "deadpool" fell to number three, whiskey tank go fox rock and gods of egypt. a bidders sweet day for friends of, ends tonight more than 300 fans gathered for a special early screening of the final episode. many of them dressed in 1920 period clothing. there was also a fashion contest along with a speciality time and treat from miss pat mores kitten quiching. lady go go for the polar bear blanch, ran into the cold lake in support of the special olympics fundraiser. part of chicago polar bear blanch. when asked about it gaga said she's happy to be there for the kids.
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hundreds of amateur skater at ardmore, eastern sectional competition skaters both young and young at heart all competed. no matter what age and age in life they picked un the 68 they all shared a common love. >> i love the skies. the community. i love having goal competing its great to have a goal. great to get off the couch. >> i always watch it on tv and thought oh my goodness its so much fun. >> i said this is what i want to do. so when i grow up i'm going to be an olympic figure state skinning champion. you just saw took home not one but two gold medals today. philadelphia skating club dates back to 1849. also this weekends kicks off many saint patricks day celebrations. eyewitness news in gloucester
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city for their first saint patrick day spa trade. the camden county community came out to watch irish dance groups, matched down monmouth street. 100 an verse see of irish independence. very nieces little chilly. we're going to shake the chill right out of here by tomorrow afternoon. kind of chilly weekend. couple of cool days in the 40s since last thursday. really going to change that up as as we head into the upcoming week. conditions they are going to be spring light even late early summer as we head into the next couple days. spring county dop is seriously on. daylight savings time we spring forward and set the clocks ahead. we'll be happy to gain that extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day. and then spring officially begins in two weeks. its so close for all you soccer
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fans philadelphia union opener in 14 days. average high 60 degrees just 29 days and a month away. storm scan 3 showing us a few clouds up state right now that will continue to move eastbound otherwise very quiet condition 4-s a straws i95 corridor. not going to bothers us at all. getting a live look at september city philadelphia. temperatures chilly 35 degrees. south wind five miles per hour making it feel like 31 degrees. overnight tonight we'll be feeling a chill in mid 30s hang out for the rest of the over night period wednesday patchy clouds, temperatures after that chill night tonight. tomorrow cruising as we head throughout the afternoon. 59 dries about ten degrees above average. patchy clouds otherwise dominant sunshine little bit of a breeze kicking up out of southwest. 20s in lehigh valley. 20 in poconos.
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20s wildwood. same case in millville. temperatures up winds much more mild. milder air mass moving eastbound and setting up shop as we head into midweek. future temperatures going to show us cooler start tomorrow morning. need the winter jacket. as you are heading out on your lunch hour not too bad. into 50s as we close out the day heading home from work. temperatures in mid to up 50s. as we head into tuesday morning still cool. but not quite as chilly. temperatures start above average tuesday morning. cruising up into the upper 60 maybe touching on 70 degrees in some locations. and then we get even warmer as we head into wednesday. record breaking warmth 74 degrees. forecast high on wednesday would break that previous record of 73 setback in 2000. so for tomorrow t some clouds around otherwise mostly sunny conditions little bit breezy. high temperatures right around
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60 degrees. pretty nice day all around the region. breezy definitely mild temperatures topping at 50 degrees in poconos start the climbed into tuesday. 69 degrees high temperature a few clouds in the morning sunshine for the afternoon. brighter sunshine into wednesday. there's your record high temperature of four. close to a record on thursday. 74 the record is 76. but more clouds and a chance of a late day sprinkle. we do have a wet not a wet pattern as we head into the second half of the weekend next weekend. then of course there is your spring forward as we head early into sunday morning. put clocks ahead. hard to believe. spring is right there. >> i know its so close. we can just see it. clock ticking there. thank you so much, lauren. last. >> any way leslie what's going on with sports. big day for temple hours.
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sixers on the road fourth quarter lead. a long movin
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>> sixers action leslie. >> you know they are going to win sooner or later. they lost 11 straight games. had a second crack at miami. we're going to pick it up for you in the fourth. cannon up and under for the reverse tied at 85 five minutes left. unfortunately the significants says could not finish the job sixers could not finish the job. heat finish game on 18 to 11 run. temple and new orleans second half of the game. coleman three pointer owls ten point lead. later on in the half back down his man turn around shot nothing
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but nets. six minutes to go. ob with floater right there. temple will win this 54 to 56. owls will play at noon on friday in the second round of their conference tournament. coming up in the nissan sport zone, march madness will. law rinse joins us from clearwater talk phillies. what will the eagles be looking for. all that and more coming up. >> okay. lots to chat about. thank you so
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>> welcome back everyone. take a look at this. the ireland ten is across between air shift and arrow
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plane first flight is weeks away. originally developed for the us army in 20. can carry up to ten times and transport 48 passengers. wow. all right. lauren is back with a live check on forecast. sport zone starts where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in plalphia. the evolution of cancncer care is here. learn more at appointments available now.
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>> talk about going the extra mile. a woman from fort wayne indiana ran 12 hours straight on a treadmill for 73.three miles. she will be a guinness world becker holder. breaking the old record. she said he was quite a challenge but her children were her motivate. >> keep it going there. yeah she deserves a record. all right lauren record temperatures. even tomorrow will be nice. a cool start. ending near 60 by end of the day near 70 on tuesday. record breaking on wednesday 74 degrees a lot of sunshine. i know it's right there in the middle of the week but it's
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still nice. cloudy as we head toward the end the week nothing too chilly in the 7-day forecast. thursday we're still in the middle 70s. >> nice week. >> yeah. >> appreciate that. thank you so much for joining us tonight. we're always on ♪ made in hollywood the action thriller "london has fallen" is "made in hollywood." mistakes are even higher no garrard butler, aaron h eckhart and morgan freeman as they return to the action sequel that promises even more thrills the second time around. >> it's not about him just putting his life on the line, now he's to think about other people and in the midst of that they get thrown in to this craziness. ♪ made in hollywood ♪ >> fina fay and margot robbie go
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behind the lines for the war movie "whiskey tango foxtrot." >> the review for the original book says it's kind of like 18 a fay character so i go ahead i am going to get that make and make that movie. >> the other sides of the door takes a look at how far a mother would go to talk to her son one last time. and kylie is on location. >> i am here at disney's animal kingdom no orlando, florida and i am going sit down with jason bateman and ginnifer goodwin for the animated adventure "zootopia." >> this week on "made in hollywood." >> hi, i am morgan freeman. >> hi, i am ginnifer goodwin. >> i am tina fay. >> i am more owe robbie. >> you are matching "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> welcome it "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood in "london has fallen" aaron eckhart plays the unluckiest american president ever. >> in spite of the impossible circumstances gerard butler is once against tasked with keeping him alive at all costs. ♪ >> what's security is on unprecedented levels this isn't
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just a gathering of the world's most powerful leaders it's the most protected event on earth. >> welcome to london, mr. president. >> what's wrong? >> nothing. >> bugs the hell out of me. >> so "london has fallen" and again i was falling off the edge of my seat. what a rifled the action is fantastic. so when you are about to do an action film, of this calendar, you physically have to get ready. but what about mentally? what -- how do you get your mind right for a role or even a film of this magnitude? >> maybe a little bit of action in the past, but never, never, absolutely not to this degree, so, you know, you just come physically prepared and just open mentally for whatever. it doesn't help that this one has all the energy in the world. so you can be like a little bit of a vampire, suck a little bit off of him. >> he just goes. >> and keep going. >> yeah, yeah. >> action! >> you have to get in shape for it, for sure. because especially if you are


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